Refuge Counseling primarily serves women, girls, and gender diverse clients ages 12 and up. Other cases, such as men and young children, are considered based upon consultation, and referrals to other providers are made available if Refuge is not the right fit.

Counseling is an opportunity to partner with a mental health professional on your unique goals. Your counselor can be a listening ear, a sounding board, an educator, and an advocate.

There's nothing too big or too small for counseling! Whether you struggle with a mental health issue or you are simply wanting to become a better you, counseling can be a great way to improve yourself and discover your true potential! 

Individual Counseling

Meeting one-on-one with a counselor is a common approach to counseling for many mental health concerns.

Family Counseling

An integral part of your success in counseling is having a support system. Often, this means having sessions with family or significant others.


Having the option to meet with your counselor via secure video conference provides flexibility for your unique needs. Refuge uses Google Meet for video sessions.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are challenging illnesses to overcome, but with help, freedom is possible! Eating disorders are complex, affecting the individual living with one and their family, friends, and life as a whole. Most often an eating disorder is not really about food but rather an underlying, unresolved issue.

​Kelly has a passion for helping those who live with eating disorders. She has several years of experience and training in working with eating disorders, body image, and related concerns. She uses an interdisciplinary approach by integrating care with medical providers, psychiatrists, registered dieticians, and others.

​If you or a loved one feels they may have an eating disorder and would like help overcoming it, please use the contact page to set up a consult with Kelly.

Chronic Illness

Those who live with chronic illnesses have a unique experience with mental health. Oftentimes, chronic illness takes things from you that you really value or look forward to, and there is sometimes a sense of grieving the loss of those things. Maybe you've lost your ability to work, socialize, further your education, or travel. Maybe you are frustrated with dealing with healthcare providers or feel you are unable to get the care you need and deserve. 

Having a therapist who understands these issues is crucial to finding your mental wellness despite your chronic illness. If this resonates with you, please reach out using the contact page to discuss counseling with Kelly. 

Trauma and Related Mental Health Issues

Trauma can present itself in a lot of ways and not always in the stereotypical way we often think. If you have experienced events that continue to have a negative effect on your ability to live your life to the fullest, perhaps you have experienced a measure of trauma that can be addressed to help you move forward. Trauma counseling does not necessarily require you to dive into your memories and talk about the details of the event, unless it is crucial to repairing your way of thinking and feeling about it and its effects. Identifying contexts, beliefs, behaviors, and relational concerns from a theme-perspective can be an effective way of addressing trauma, helping you to make the effects of those events productive rather than intrusive in your life.

If you feel you have experienced trauma and want to discuss trauma counseling, please use the contact page to schedule a consult with Kelly.

Faith, Spirituality, and Sexuality Issues

Part of exploring and developing your identity involves considering various aspects of your belief systems. Sometimes this can cause a lot of distress. Whether you are trying to make sense of your spiritual beliefs, your understanding of sexuality, or how those concepts exist together, it is such important and sensitive work. Refuge is a supportive environment for you to bring concerns of faith, spirituality, religion, and sexuality and work toward best understanding your beliefs and identities within.

If you are looking for support in these areas, please use the contact page to set up a consult with Kelly.

A large network of specialty providers including dieticians, psychiatrists, and medical doctors is available to you. 

Please ask about referrals!