Refuge Counseling serves clients ages 12 and up. 

Referrals to other providers are made available if Refuge is not the right fit.

Counseling is an opportunity to partner with a mental health professional on your unique goals. Your counselor can be a listening ear, a sounding board, an educator, and an advocate.

There's nothing too big or too small for counseling! Whether you struggle with a mental health issue or you are simply wanting to become a better you, counseling can be a great way to improve yourself and discover your true potential! 

Individual Counseling

Meeting one-on-one with a counselor is the most common approach to counseling for many mental health concerns. You receive personalized care either in-office or by telehealth.

Family Counseling

An integral part of your success in counseling is having a support system. Often, this means having sessions with family or significant others to build healthy relationships.


Having the option to meet with your counselor via secure video conference provides flexibility for your unique needs. Refuge uses Google Meet for video sessions.

Read about our counselors, Kelly and Teresa, and contact them here!

A large network of specialty providers including dieticians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors is available to you. 

Please ask about referrals or see our Resources page!