The Office

Refuge strives to ensure the comfort of all its guests and clients. We do our best to limit any experience of stigma or discrimination based on weight, physical ability, illness, or other personal situations.

At Refuge, you will find a welcoming, peaceful environment meant to provide a sense of safety and comfort while you are with us. This includes soft lighting and music, comfortable, sturdy furniture, a weighted lap pad and therapy bear, heating pad and ice pack, fidgets and stress toys, a water cooler, and a beverage bar with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and Crystal Light flavor packets. You are welcome to bring a blanket, snack, or other comfort item to use during your session. 

The office is fragrance-free - please refrain from using scented lotions, body sprays, and other strong smells while at the office!

Because clients at Refuge seek specialized care for eating disorders, chronic illness, and trauma, we have been intentional with the office furnishings.